Welcome to GFC Garment

Where to supply the most prestige garments!


Design upon request

We are a template code in the customer request. Execute may have the pattern, the output based on the selected device.


Diverse fabrics

High-quality fabrics are selected carefully, not hot, not ruffled feathers.


Modern printing – embroidery

Silk screen printing technology, high heat transfer printing; Computerized embroidery sharp, ensure beautiful logo, durable color when used.


Free shipping

We ship free of charge products after manufacturing nationwide.


Why Choose Us ?

We work with the motto: Listening – understanding and acting

We are proud to be the direct manufacturer of apparels for the uniform market and advertising with the best quality products and services with the most reasonable prices. With the main factory capacity, thousands of products are sold every month to the market.

  • Closed model from printing to apparel.
  • Pre-production products undergo the most stringent quality control.
  • Staff with high professional qualifications.
  • The most innovative product.

Who We Are ?

Meet our team members and our work places

GFC GARMENT is one of the few garment enterprises in Vietnam that has a credible manufacturing process, from the active in materials, fabrics, to embroidered prints,… With the strength of the unit, It specializes in producing high-quality garment products and exporting to some fastidious markets such as Japan, USA, Korea, and some Indochina countries.



Check out why our customers loves us in each projects

“We couldn’t have found better suppliers for our one-year business venture. From all of us, we simply can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done to help! I will definitely be keeping in touch as you never know what may pop up in the future, and I want to wish you all the best!”

John CarterBusinessman

“The quality, price, and service have been fantastic from, we look forward to an on-going relationship.”

Jessica RossetaDoctor


Clients & Partners

We work with over 100 clients. Here are some typical and regular partners.